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Submitted By: Robert BrittonSubmitted: 1/6/2010
I was surprised no mention was made of the July4th Fayette Tea Party. Over 100 people in attendence with only standing room available at the Fayette park shelter.

Submitted By: Toni WellsSubmitted: 3/12/2010
It hasn't been reported yet about the road conditions between New franklin and Boonville..It affects all of us in between that need to travel that bottom ground now called a detour or even a road. I did see in the paper, alond side the story about the police chief wells and his resignation, on how the "traffic was governing itself" really? are you kidding? Is that all we get? It is a major hassle, and a big problem on a stretch of bottom ground they now call a road. Rain does not help. Our State should have prepared the roads, or should I say, Made Roads for us to travel while they took out our best route. Many cars are bieng affected by the bad roads. many families are having to deal with various issues, and this story has Not been noticed by our local newspapers or our local television. I think it's pathetic. The Stae Saves money by not having maintenence issues, but we as Howard Countians are spending money on Gas, car repairs and time to have to deal with this unplanned issue. Thanks State of showed us.

Submitted By: m.e.Submitted: 3/19/2010
My comment is this. Why is there so much drug activity on the square during the evening during the spring, summer, and the fall? Where is the police at in this matter? I know they're sitting there in the 911 office worrying about explicit things to do to the dispatchers.

Submitted By: jason vorheesSubmitted: 3/19/2010
I feel there is some unprofessionalism going on in the 911, on the evening shift, I do know some of the officers, and including 1 state highway patrolman, as well. And we are suppose to feel protected, especially when there is drug dealings going on the square, during the evening.

Submitted By: EllieSubmitted: 1/25/2011
I just want to say that I am proud of our school district in Fayette. This has been a tough year. The administration has been asked to do more with less and I do not feel, as a parent, that I have suffered. Mr. Frerking and Sandy Boulden has taken on greatly expanded duties. The second grade teachers have gone out of their way to make this year productive and effective. I don't have experience with all the classes but feel all the teachers have done a great job.

Submitted By: Bobby GerltSubmitted: 3/31/2012
Fellow citizens and voters of Fayette, In regard to the upcoming municipal election I would ask that you give much thought and careful consideration to your particular candidates for City government. We currently have people running for or holding offices, who by their own admissions have served for many years. Over those years Fayette has steadily deteriorated to its current condition. That’s a fact that you can observe for yourselves and probably have already done so. If they were going to, or even could have made a difference, they should have been able to do so well before now. Do not be swayed by any more false promises they might make. I also would advise that you be aware of cronyism and vote to keep that from happening. These people as evidenced by their past actions serve only their own interests and care nothing about the regular citizen’s wants, needs or desires. I have long had to sit silent in the wings and do nothing more than observe out of fear of losing my job. As many of you may know, that is no longer the case. I know very well what goes on and what has gone on over the years. Some of it would make your jaws drop to say the least. We the people, the citizens, the voters of Fayette, should seriously consider and go about cleaning out City Hall and placing therein, some fresh new people with new ideas and goals for our City. I think it is high time to say “Enough is enough” and to make the changes we so badly need for our community’s health and well being. It is time for new City administration and government. Vote your heart, vote your conscience, vote for what your community needs and we can make this happen.

Submitted By: Michael W. JarvisSubmitted: 5/30/2012
April 30, 2012 Dear Utah State Rep./Senator Shortly after President Obama announced that "Gay Rights are Human Rights" and that he would initiate sanctions against countries that did not protect and promote homosexual "rights", police in St. Petersburg, Russia arrested two gay-rights activists for breaking a law that prohibits the promotion of homosexuality and the dissemination of gay propaganda to minors. I suppose President Obama is willing to put at risk all the progress the United States has made with the ex-communist country, since the honorable Ronald Reagan Presidency, to please his LGBT constituency. In between Mr. Obama's reckless and immoral proclamation and threat, and the Russian arrest, Diane Schneider of the National Eduction Association (NEA) teachers union, made her own reckless and immoral proclamation before a committee at the United Nations. She declared that a priority should be made to teach homosexuality to middle and high-schoolers worldwide, and that anyone opposed to homosexuality is "stuck in a binary box that religion and family create." (see; any other day she would say that homosexuals are born, not made by choice.) Mitt Romney says he wants to restore a "great America." I hope he means an America that is pro-religion and family, like Russia; and a pro-constitutional America. If anything is taught at all in the public schools about homosexuality, it should be limited to a simple definition in the 12th grade psychology textbook under Crimes Against Nature; along with incest, pedophilia, necrophilia, human trafficking, beastiality and suicide. Those at war with religion and family are also at war with the Constitution of the United States; that provides for restriction of the civil liberties of criminals. Sincerely, Michael W. Jarvis P.O. Box 356 Salt Lake City, Utah 84110 (801) 706-2740 P.S. Barack Hussein Obama Jr. is proud of himself for shooting down the U.S. military's tolerant Don't Ask Don't Tell policy that allowed unbrazen homosexuals to even join the military. Now brazen homosexuals are allowed in and BHOJ sights are trained on the United States' Defense of Marriage Act. That's what happens when you tolerate a malignancy. Abraham Lincoln warned us that: "As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide." cc: Utah's Congressional Delegation

Submitted By: Peggy A. GuestSubmitted: 8/7/2012
Thank You Joe and I just wanted to express our appreciation to the Howard County Fire District, the HOCO Ambulance staff, the sheriff's department, Fred Weiker, Tim Terrell and anyone else that helped me, after my car accident. I would also like to thank everyone for their cards, emails, flowers, food and good wishes. We're very grateful for friends and neighbors that suddenly appear to help in a crisis.

Submitted By: taco bellSubmitted: 9/4/2012
is there supposed to be a new taco bell in fayette? if so are they hiring?

Submitted By: Deborah MillerSubmitted: 8/25/2013
I called the office of House Rep., Vicky Hartzler, asking her to vote for Amash's amendment to partially defund National Security Agency (NSA). I was discouraged by a letter she sent to me siting her excuse for supporting an amendment by Rep. Pompeo of KS rather than Amash's amendment. In part, her response letter reads, “... an amendment by Representative Pompeo of Kansas that explicitly bars the NSA from collecting the content of any American's phone conversations and emails. That language is unequivocal and protects Americans.” My first thought was: Did she vote her constituents' voices or was her vote based solely on her own opinion(s)? But my second thought, the thought I find most important and compelling is this: The Constitution of the United States Forth Amendment was written to protect us from unwarranted searches. So my final thought is, “If the Constitution can not protect us, what makes her think more language and another piece of paper will?” In closing: Vicky? Did you vote your constituents' desires, or did you vote your own opinion? I personally need an answer to the question.

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