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2012 Howard County Fair Prince and Princess contests
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Submitted: 7/2/2012
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Submitted By: Biscuit T. SimsSubmitted: 7/12/2014
Put some rumble bumpers on Oakwood Drive. Paint in LARGE LETTERS SLOW on street.Oakwood Drive Add YELLOW Flashing lights a top of speed limit signs on Oakwood. This would help speeding and the fast traffic we have off this intersection. Thnaks

Submitted By: Mr. ClintonianSubmitted: 7/14/2014
You should keep the yield sign at Clinton Blvd. Coming off of Mt. Salus, you have to stop at College St. and then stop again at Clinton Blvd. That would cause congestion and possibly an accident. Leaving the yield sign would help the flow of traffic.

Submitted By: Kaileen GibbsSubmitted: 7/14/2014
It's about time! I always wondered why the part with the least amount of traffic had the right of way and the one with the most had to stop.

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