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Make two company - not a crowd - in the master bath
While you may be ready to share your life with someone, you may quickly realize you aren't willing to share everything. The solution? His-and-her master bath bathrooms.
Stopping the drain: Innovative technology helps conserve water throughout the house
Technology and innovation are empowering homeowners to conserve more water and energy throughout the home.
Bathroom organization styles that work smarter - not harder
The collection of grooming and beauty tools cluttering the bathroom vanity can quickly overwhelm everything. The bathroom should be a functional room that works for you and here's how.
Designer tips to create inspired dream spaces with color
Ready to transform your home this year? The key to creating your dream interior space could be as simple as updating with color.
Cook up some space in the kitchen: Simple solutions to add storage and style to your home
Learn simple ways that you can open up storage options in your kitchen without a major overhaul.
Chic chalet: Give your kitchen a mountain makeover
Your kitchen doesn't need a Matterhorn vista to stay on top of the latest "chalet chic" design trend. It's easier than you think to get this style by mixing rustic pieces with modern touches.
Kitchen makeover: 3 simple tips for beauty on a budget
If you're tired of looking at your outdated kitchen, but feel replacement would be impractical, you're not alone. In 2014, consumers will be trying to find solutions they can afford to do themselves. Check out these three DIY remodeling trends for simple and unique ways to refresh the most used rooms in the home.
Save green indoors and out with energy-efficient home upgrades
Many are motivated by the desire to save a little green in their wallets with a fresh new season of home repairs. If you're one of these people, you can help save some green for the planet, as well as your hard-earned cash, by making energy efficient upgrades throughout your home.
Build a better bath on a budget
Bathroom remodeling doesn't have to be a budget buster. You can simply improve what you already have to get the spa-like retreat you're seeking. Here are a few tips to get you started on your redesign.
Beyond cool: How ceiling fans offer energy efficiency, decor and function
Savvy interior designers know that items that are both fashionable and functional are in high demand. One of the best examples of a stylish, hardworking home fixture is also one of the most overlooked: the ceiling fan. In 2014, more homeowners are realizing the potential this classic technology has not only on their comfort levels, but also on their interior's design aesthetic.
From floor to fixtures: Top spring home decor trends add style and personality
Spring is in the air, which means it's time to refresh your indoor spaces to reflect the energy and optimism of the season. The top home decor trends of spring 2014 take a fresh approach to traditional design elements to create an aesthetic that is fresh and full of life. Best yet, the trends are easily accessible, so anyone can update their space with a few simple tips.
Decorating with light captures the fresh spirit of spring
Something about spring seems to inspire us to lavish attention on our homes. Whether enthusiastically cleaning or freshening decor, Americans seize spring as an opportunity to breathe new life into interior spaces. While painting and decluttering are great ways to revitalize home decor, for sheer spring-like impact it's hard to beat decorating with light.
Clutter-clearing home cleaning tips turn chaos into harmony
The stack of shoes that pile up by the front door, the linen closet that you're afraid to open, the junk drawer that may well hide the mysteries of the universe - we all have one or two spots in our home that cry out for organization and tidying. Spring cleaning season is approaching, and with a plan of attack you can take this opportunity to clear away clutter, organize underutilized spaces and generally improve the overall usability of your home.
Opening the door to space and privacy is easy
Homeowners, builders and remodelers are always looking for innovative new ways to enhance existing spaces during home makeovers and room renovations.
Put your decorating fears to bed and awaken your personality with the latest color trends
The bedroom is an oasis. It's the place where you wake up, energized and ready to start the day, as well as where you slip away and unwind from the day's activities. This is the one room that is truly yours, so make sure it's a reflection of your personality.
Eliminate VOCs when planning a home remodel
Remodeling a home's decor leaves the space feeling fresh and new - something which all family members will enjoy for years to come. However, a home remodel can do more than just improve the looks of rooms in the house. It can also improve the indoor air quality - an important factor especially during the winter months when homes are sealed up tight against the cold outdoor air.
Energy-efficiency: the remodeling trend that's here to stay
Remodeling trends come and go, which is a good thing if you're talking about shag carpet or avocado-colored Formica. But some trends have both staying power and universal appeal, such as the strengthening movement toward homes that are more energy efficient and eco-friendly.
Bathroom remodeling: the first five things you must do
So you've decided it's time to remodel your bathroom. Whether you're excited at the idea of creating a new look that will add value to your home, or simply relieved that you'll no longer have to look at dated fixtures and cracked tile, you'll be facing a lot of decisions about materials, colors, fixtures, flooring and more. The options are vast, and you may wonder: What is the best way to get started?
Top 2014 home decor trend: Personalized design
Interior design is in a constant state of transformation, and this year homeowners are taking control. The "keeping up with the Joneses'' mentality is giving ground to the desire for personalized design that reflects the exact needs and design aesthetic of the residents. In 2014, more people will actively embrace the role of designer in order to create a home that is truly one of a kind.
Go-anywhere upgrades that are great for kitchens and baths
Some upgrades look laughable in the wrong room: plush carpeting in the bathroom or custom drapes in a kitchen. A handful of go-anywhere upgrades work especially well in kitchens and baths - and can raise those rooms from merely functional to inspiringly fashionable.
Five hot decorating trends to make your home interiors pop
Looking for ways to switch up your style this year? From the right patterns and colors to impressive accents, the latest home design trends will keep your space looking fresh and fabulous in 2014.
Hardwood flooring trends, a touch of the creative
The recovering U.S. housing market has led to increased demand for certain luxury items, including hardwood flooring. Exciting trends are influencing the marketplace and for today's consumers, there are more hardwood flooring options than ever before.
Create a traditional kitchen full of personality and style
The kitchen is the heart of the home ... the place where memories are made while cooking, eating and sharing stories around the table. Since so much time is spent in this room, it's important to have a kitchen that fits your personality. There are many styles to choose; but traditional remains one of the most popular because of its timeless, classic look. If you're updating your kitchen, here are some tips to create a space that reflects your personal style.
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