2012 was a good year; 2013 could be even better

By Pat Roll

From everyone at the Fayette newspapers we wish to thank all of our advertisers and subscribers for all of your support in 2012. I personally want to thank our dedicated staff—Greg Jackson, Linda Vroman, Kim Thompson, Carol Leech, Cornel Duta and Nancy Anderson—for all the hard work they do all year long. We look forward to bringing you the local news, sports and advertising for Fayette and Howard County in 2013.

I’m listing a few of the things that would make 2013 a very good year for Fayette, Howard County and the United States. Call it a New Year’s wish list:

• Excellent health for everyone.

• For all people in the world to be free and have the opportunities we have in the United States.

• For the weather in 2013 to be normal. Normal temperatures for all four seasons, normal rainfall, normal snowfall, normal seasons. Good weather for all parades, festivals and outdoor activities throughout the year.

• Improved economic activity in Fayette and Howard County. Forward thinking by city and county officials to join the Moberly Area Economic Development group. Continued growth and expansion for CMU. A great agriculture economy.  New business that brings jobs and opportunity to the county. For every group that there is in Fayette that works towards improving Fayette, unite and work together in improving Fayette’s and Howard County’s economic well being.

• Success for all of our local businesses. There were 10 Fayette Chamber of Commerce ribbon cuttings in 2012. Before you get in a vehicle and drive to Columbia or Boonville, ask yourself if someone locally has the product or service you need.

• No vacant store fronts on the square in Fayette, Glasgow or New Franklin.

• A long and successful season for all local high school basketball teams with another couple state tournament teams in March. Maybe another championship for Howard County? More wins for Tom Oakley this fall, maybe some down the line option plays in 2013? Continued success for CMU track teams and baseball team this spring.

• A federal government that spends what it brings in, a novel concept we as Americans try to live by everyday.

My personal New Year’s wishes for 2013 include:

• A good vehicle for the newspaper office (our old van died on the next to the last run in 2012 to Sedalia).

• A reduced cat population in Fayette and New Franklin.

• Don Bagby to take off a day to watch a Royals game in 2013. I had wished for that in 2012. Since Don would not go to a game last year, I think we should go to two Royals games this year. What do you say, Don?

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