Search for Missouri Century Farms continues

If your farm has been in your family since Dec. 31, 1913, you can apply to have it recognized as a Missouri Century Farm.

To qualify, farms must meet the following guidelines. The same family must have owned the farm for 100 consecutive years. The line of ownership from the original settler or buyer may be through children, grandchildren, siblings, and nephews or nieces, including through marriage or adoption. The farm must be at least 40 acres of the original land acquisition and make a financial contribution to the overall farm income.

“It is important to honor and respect our history,” said Michael Ouart, vice provost for University of Missouri Extension. “These farms represent both Missouri’s cultural heritage and the good stewardship that our farmers strive for.”

In 2008, the Missouri Farm Bureau joined MU Extension and the MU College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources as a program sponsor.

“Missouri Farm Bureau is a proud partner in the recognition of century farms,” said Blake Hurst, president. “We applaud the hardworking farm families that have kept us fed and clothed for generations. They represent an important part of our heritage and laid a foundation for the bounty Americans enjoy every day.”

Applicants certified as owners of a 2013 Missouri Century Farm will be recognized by the MU Extension office in the county where the farm is located. Applicants are presented with a sign and a certificate.

Since Missouri began the program in 1976, more than 8,000 century farms have been recognized.
For applications received by May 1, a $65 fee covers the cost of a certificate, farm sign and booklet for approved applicants. If the application is received between May 1 and May 15, the cost is $75. Applications must be postmarked by May 15, 2013, to be considered.

For application forms and information, call Extension Publications toll-free at 1-800-292-0969, contact your local MU Extension office, or visit the program website at

Below are Howard County Century farms (date of century status, owners, additional owners and original owners.):

  • 1/1/1976 Robin Biswell Pettijohn, James Pettijohn, Frederic Orin Biswell, father.
  • 1/1/1976 Robert Britton, Morrene Hughes Britton.
  • 1/1/1976 Harold Burnham.
  • 1/1/1976 Charles W. Denny.
  • 1/1/1976 Ed Dickey.
  • 1/1/1976 Calvin Dougherty.
  • 1/1/1976 Dewey Dougherty.
  • 1/1/1976 Miller Eaton.
  • 1/1/1976 Larry Eaton.
  • 1/1/1976 Omer Foley, Thelma Foley.
  • 1/1/1976 John Rhea Gibbs.
  • 1/1/1976 Lee Gose.
  • 1/1/1976 Thomas T. Hall.
  • 1/1/1976 Mary B. McKee Hammond.
  • 1/1/1976 W. W. Harvey.
  • 1/1/1976 Della Mae Todd Hudson.
  • 1/1/1976 Reuben Hume.
  • 1/1/1976 Miss Esther Hume.
  • 1/1/1976 Mrs. Laurence S. Jackson.
  • 1/1/1976 Dorothy Burton Jankowsky.
  • 1/1/1976 Opal Kilgore.
  • 1/1/1976 Lilburn L. Kingsbury.
  • 1/1/1976 Mildred Basye Leach.
  • 1/1/1976 J. Y. Miller.
  • 1/1/1976 Mary M. Payne.
  • 1/1/1976 Arthur D. Potter.
  • 1/1/1976 James B. Potter.
  • 1/1/1976 Mrs. Austin Robertson.
  • 1/1/1976 Connie Shay, Connie Tindall Shay, Cordell Tindall (Connie’s father and original applicant).
  • 2/17/2005 Mary Lee Haviland, Frank Karl Haviland, Claiborn J. Simpson, great-grandfather.
  • 4/15/2005 Harry Dougherty, Aleen Dougherty, Chas Dougherty, grandfather.
  • 6/6/2006 Harold K. Burnham, Lanelle Burnham, Stephen W. Burnham, William D. Burnham, William Burnam and Isabella Elizabeth “Crow” Burnam, great grandfather of Clarence Harold Burnham (deceased), husband of Lanelle Burnham.
  • 5/16/2007 Andy Joe Meyer, Robert L. Meyer, Joe Davis, great-grandfather.
  • 5/1/2008 Cleveland T. Hargis, Sara L. Hargis, C.T. Hargis, grandfather and Henry Hargis, great-uncle.
  • 5/1/2008 William James Quint,  Harold Lloyd Quint, James L. Murphy, great-grandfather.
  • 2/14/2011 Robert J. Schafer, Kenneth A. Schafer, Schafer brothers, Henry and Mary Schafer, great-grandpa and grandma.
  • 2/28/2011 Stuart R. Basye, Debra Jo Basye, Michael Mauzy Basye.
  • 4/18/2012 David David Meyer, Emilie M. Meyer, Harvey L. Spires, great-grandfather.
  • 1/1/1976 Elizabeth Potter Sinclair, Marie Potter Henry.
  • 1/1/1976 Duane Snell, Marie Snell, Also 1863.
  • 1/1/1976 James B. Snell.
  • 1/1/1976 William Taylor Spence.
  • 1/1/1976 John E. Stapleton.
  • 1/1/1976 William Jr. Trester, Lela M. (Robertson) Trester.
  • 1/1/1976 Prewitt Turner, Jr.
  • 1/1/1976 Marion Walker.
  • 1/1/1976 Roy White, Margaret McKee.
  • 1/1/1976 Mary Mardell Wies, William F. Wies, Paul & Martha L. Ballew, parents, purchased in 1990.
  • 1/1/1976 John D. Williams.
  • 1/1/1976 Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Williams.
  • 1/1/1976 Willella Williams.
  • 1/1/1976 Kenneth Yaeger, Mrs. Kenneth Yaeger and Mr. & Mrs. Leslie Fisher.
  • 1/1/1976 Hazel Pipes Young.
  • 1/1/1976 Ruth Zeigler, Ruth Browning Besgrove Zeigler.
  • 1/1/1986 John G. Davis.
  • 1/1/1986 Marie Potter Henry, Eliz. Potter Sinclair.
  • 1/1/1986 Wm. Nordmeyer.
  • 1/1/1986 John D. & Eva J. Williams.
  • 1/1/1986 Charles Tommy Williams.
  • 1/1/1993 Charles Coutts.
  • 1/1/1993 Anthony and Aile Thies.
  • 1/1/1996 Mary Lou Cross Brown.
  • 1/1/1996 Elsie Hendrix.
  • 1/1/1996 Robert O. Young, H. Dale Langford.
  • 1/1/1997 James C. Jr. Denneny,  Frances Denneny Barnes.
  • 1/1/1997 Randall T. and C. Kivett.
  • 1/1/1998 Norma Jean Gilmo Hill.
  • 1/1/1998 Nannie May Hughes.
  • 1/1/1998 Sam S. Magruder.
  • 1/1/1998 John and Peggy Vaughn.
  • 5/7/1999 John Fleck, great-grandfather.
  • 6/2/1999 Martha Hutchison Ferry, John A. Kingsbury.
  • 6/28/2000 Anthony Westhues, Pat Westhues, Wilhelm (William) Westhues.
  • 3/27/2001 Elizabeth Brown.
  • 5/21/2002 Stuart R. Bayse, Debra Bayse, C. Ben & Joanne Bayse, Michael Manzy Bayse, great-great grandfather.
  • 7/1/2002 Ray Peacher, Fran Johnson, Nancy Wiswall, Gary Peacher, Don Peacher, Thomas Peacher, grandfather.

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