Fayette Police Department reports recent arrests

The Fayette Police Department reported the following recent arrests:

  • On Sept. 8, 12:10 a.m., officers conducted a traffic stop for a vehicle playing loud music. Upon investigation, it was determined that the driver was under the influence of alcohol. Melissa Wilson, 19, of St. Louis, Mo., was arrested for driving while intoxicated and for creating a peace disturbance. Wilson was taken to the Howard County Jail, issued citations and released.
  • On Sept. 7, 12:05 a.m., Fayette police officers were dispatched to 405 Park Road. Officers encountered about 40 to 50 people partying. The host of the party was Brandon Thompson, 22, of Fayette. Officers disbursed the party goers and gave a citation to Thompson for peace disturbance. The investigation is ongoing.
  • On Sept. 7, 1:32 a.m., at the request of CMU security, Fayette police officers were dispatched to Howard-Payne Hall and made contact with Homer Cochran, 18, of Columbia. Cochran is a minor and he was visibly intoxicated. He was issued a citation and released.
  • On Sept. 14, 7:30 a.m., officers were dispatched to 124 E. Morrison where All About Me is located. A large glass window had been shattered. Officers observed blood on the scene. They learned of an individual — William W. Donegan, 18, of Florissant, Mo. — who had requested medical attention for cuts to his hands and wrists the night before. Officers made contact with Donegan. Donegan admitted to breaking the window saying it was an accident. He was given a citation for property damage.
  • On Sept. 14, 7:37 p.m., officers were dispatched to DJ’s Convenience Store. An employee at DJ’s reported a customer who had almost struck the building when pulling up into the parking lot. When officers arrived, the suspect was leaving in her car. She would have struck a police patrol car had an officer not hurriedly moved the patrol car out of the way. Police believe the suspect was not intending to strike the patrol car. Subsequently, Tawnya L. Munro, 43, of Glasgow was arrested for driving while intoxicated (drugs). She was issued a citation and released.

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