Fayette School Board accepts bids for asbestos removal

By Pat Roll

Meeting in regular session Wednesday the Fayette R-III Board of Education approved two bids for work pertaining to the bond project. Facilities Solution Group recommended Spray Services of Washington, Mo. The work will start June 2 and be completed by June 20. The Board also approved a bid of $64,011 for asbestos removal at Daly/Clark and a bid of $16,205 from Weber Communications of Fulton for wiring, fiber optic lines and cable for the new central office.

The Board also approved the following items: With appreciation, acceptance of the $1,000 donation to the Agriculture Department from Mike Thies of Pioneer Seeds.

With only 84 students signing up for summer school, the Board revised the summer school schedule that will provide credit recovery for 7th through 12th grade students who are in need of making up credit and who choose to take advantage of this. The school district utilizes the A+LS software. As of now there are about a dozen students who qualify. The district will also offer drivers’ education, which is a class that usually fills up every summer. Students must pay to take a driver training course with a private company unless they are able to take the course in their school district. It is considered a community service. Any elementary students in danger of being retained must be offered and must attend at least 30 hours of additional tutoring in order to move to the next grade level. There are approximately 10 students who fall into this category. The elementary students will be tutored at the high school. The District will not offer transportation nor food services since there will not be enough students in attendance.

The Board passed the following extra duty salary schedules. A Prom Sponsor at 1 percent of the base salary. Two Weight Room Sponsors at 1 percent of the base salary. A National Junior Honor Society Sponsor at 2.5 percent of the base salary. Base salary is $29,000.

The Board declared surplus five overhead projectors purchased in 2003. Bids will be accepted.

The Board certified a petition by Larry and Missy Freeman of Harrisburg to change a boundary between Fayette and Harrisburg school districts. The Freemans purchased property in the Fayette School District about one mile from the Harrisburg school district. They proposed a property exchange between their property at 103 County Road 117 and 1144 State Highway Y to offset the property tax loss of the Fayette district. The petition will be on the November ballot for approval of the Fayette school district voters.

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