Veterans presented with Quilts of Valor at Memorial Day observance

World War II veterans honored with Quilts of Valor on Sunday are seated in front. They are, from left: Wilbur G. Griffitts, Otto Frevert Jr. and Raymond J. Faubion. They hold their folded Quilts of Valor hand-stitched by the Peacemakers Quilters standing behind: Marilyn Kirby, Dorothy Ayers, Patricia Hilgedick, Linda Lembke, Julie Menees, and Connie Shay. Quilter not pictured is Joh Rohr.

DAR members Barbara Alexander and Cecil Young laid the wreath at the Veterans Monument on the south side of the courthouse square.

Led by Chester Bias, members of Girl Scout Troop 471 raised the flag.

A crowd attended the Annual Memorial Day Service held Sunday on the south side of the courthouse.

Sponsored by the Howard County Daughters of the American Revolution and the White-Bell American Legion Post 273, the service featured the presentation of Quilts of Valor to three World War II veterans: Wilbur G. Griffitts, Otto Frevert and Raymond J. Faubion.

Jerry Priddy, Ph.D., professor of mathematics at Central Methodist University, was the keynote speaker. He said, “Veterans have left us a great nation. We all have gratitude and appreciation to those who have served.”

The service closed with the placing of a memorial wreath on the courthouse veterans monument by DAR members Barbara Alexander and Cecile Young.

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