78th Annual Howard Electric Cooperative annual meeting draws more than 650 people

Above: More than 650 people enjoyed a complimentary meal, along with numerous prizes and other give-aways at the 78th Annual Howard Electric Cooperative Annual meeting held Monday evening. Below: A clown makes animals out of balloons which he gave away to children.

Howard Electric Cooperative held their 78th annual meeting Monday evening at Fayette High School. There were more than 650 people in attendance.

Prizes were drawn throughout the meeting. The winner of the $500 credit on their electric bill was Delton Watt of Fayette.

General Manager Richard Fowler spoke about, from an environmental viewpoint, Howard Electric Coop is doing its part.

Fowler stated, “Through Associated Electric Cooperative, we received the U.S. Department of Interior’s highest honor twice in recognition of its innovative, successful reclamation that transformed more than 9,000 acres of once-mined land into productive pastures, forests, and wetlands near Thomas Hill just northwest of Moberly.

“Associated Electric Cooperative was one of the first in the nation to install selective catalytic reduction equipment on large cyclone coal units to significantly reduce nitrogen oxides emissions and we did it before we were required to do it.

“We voluntarily — voluntarily — reduced mercury emissions years before the new standards because it was the right thing to do. We have spent more than one billion dollars in environmental improvements. That’s billion with a B, and we continue to spend more than $50 million a year on environmental control measures. Yes, through your cooperative, you are doing your part to help the environment.”

Fowler also commented on the atrocious rate hikes proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency. Fowler said,“Coal is clean, abundant and the most cost effective form of energy we have. It makes no sense to harm consumers with higher electric rates.”

Cooperative members reelected all there incumbents for the Board of Directors. District 1, Bill John; District 2, Randy Asbury; District 3, Ken Nordmeyer.

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