Fayette City Council makes preparations for events

Preparations for local events were part of the June 6 Fayette City Council meeting.
Several community members joined Tim Jackman, Co-coordinator of Fayette’s 17th Annual Juneteenth Celebration Committee, to witness the proclamation for the 2017 Juneteenth event.  Lea Tindall, Jan Eubanks, Regina Powell, Mary Petty, and Wilma Logan all joined Jackman and Fayette Alderwoman Sheila Chapman in supporting Mayor Kenneth O’Brien as he signed the proclamation.  (photo on page 8)
David Cook, manager of The Eagle’s Eye, approached the council with the request of placing seating outside of the estabilshment on the sidewalk.  Cook clarified he is not asking simply for The Eagle’s Eye, but on behalf of other restaurants around the square, noting he has spoken with each of them.  He was joined by Nancy Blair-DeLeon of Miknan’s.  The council proposed approval of six-months, with a review at that time.
A request was granted to park two Recreational Vehicles at Paige-Liberty Park for the weekend.  Visitors are in Fayette for the Juneteenth festivities and the RV’s are too large to cross the damn at D.C. Rogers.
In an effort to make the best impression possible on guests of Fayette, several ‘housekeeping’ items were discussed.
• It was recommended that police vehicles be kept as clean as possible.
• A new entrance sign was approved for Highway 5 & 240 on the north side of town.  The large sign on Highway 240 welcomes guests from the southeast, and at this time there is not a welcome sign on Highway 5 coming from the southwest.  Council will discuss that at a later time.  The sign will cost just over $260.
• Repairs are needed for the city’s boom mower.  It is currently locked up.  Last season assistance was requested from the county, but the city properties are understandably not their top priority.
Other items reviewed by the council included;
• Discussion and approval to close the current city credit card and apply for one with Commercial Trust Company.  The card is kept for reserving hotel rooms for out-of-town trainings and has a minimal credit limit.
• Discussion and approval to replace a  dead water meter at Central Methodist University.
• Discussion of Sinking Fund balaces – $200,000 was approved for the Fire Department; $100,000 approved for Street Department vehicles/equipment; and $50,000 for Police Department vehicles
• Discussion and approval to the agreement between the City of Fayette and the Missouri Department of Conservation regarding D.C. Rogers Lake.
• Discussion regarding purchase of a manhole at the intersection of Louisiana and Morrison Streets.
• It was noted there have been a handfull of complaints of discoloration and odor of the city water.
• The Howard County Regional Water Commission is still looking for a secretary.
• City Administrator, Robin Triplett noted that the swimming pool is receivng good use and the concessions are also doing well.
The Hackley family approached the council with a request to vacate the alley running East to West between Nipper’s Addition blocks 1 and 2.  The family ownes property on both sides of the ‘alley’- which is not in use as an alley.  After some discussion and clarification, approval was granted.
The council adjourned for closed session.  The next meeting of the Fayette city Countcil will be Tuesday, June 20 at 7 p.m.

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