Passion for the games

If you watched a Central Methodist Eagles online broadcast this past year, you likely heard the voice of Quintin Norris doing the play-by-play.
Norris has done in-game commentary on for some of the athletic programs at CMU, those being men’s and women’s basketball, volleyball, baseball and softball.
Norris said he first had the opportunity to do online commentary for a CMU game when former women’s basketball James Arnold offered him an invite to do a broadcast.
That was in 2015. Norris said that later in the year, he received an email from Derek Diesner, who was CMU’s sports information director at the time, asking him if he could do in-game commentary for a volleyball game at Puckett Field House. Since then, he has been in his current role.
Norris is also a Central Methodist University alum. He is originally from Slater, Missouri. After graduating from Slater High School in 1993, he began attending CMU. He said he decided to attend the university because it was close to home.
“I can remember, every time we would go to Columbia, or something, we would always drive through Fayette,” Norris said. “Every time we went through Fayette, we would always go by the campus. I really liked it.”
While at CMU, Norris worked as a manager for the women’s basketball team under head coach Mike Davis. His duties included keeping stats for the team and game film.
“He was a manager for coach Bob Gonzalez over at Slater High School, who I knew” Davis said. “Then, Bob McNeil, a gentleman who was in our admissions department, got a hold of me one day and said ‘I have a young gentleman who was a manager over at Slater. He would like to do the same when he comes here. Would you have an interest in him?’”
Norris and Davis both said that the first game Norris attended as a manager was February 19, 1993. The CMU women’s basketball Eagles played a game against Evangel, winning 89-75. From that point, he was a manager for the women’s basketball team.
“Quentin brings a great passion for life and athletics, and being a part of a team,” Davis said. “Each of our teams that have had the good fortune to work with Quintin, they’ve felt that love and passion and being a part of a team, and that’s contagious.”
Norris said he also served as a manager for the football team while he was at CMU.
Norris’ passion for sports started at a young age, he said. The person who got him interested in watching games on television was his grandfather, Giffen.
“Every time we would go to visit him, there was always an NFL game, or a Major League Baseball game, always on television,” Norris said. “I always watched the games with him.”
Along with watching teams play, Norris said he enjoyed listening to the in-game commentators. His favorites have been people like Vin Scully, Al Michaels and Harry Caray.
Norris will do in-game commentary for CMU men’s and women’s basketball, volleyball in 2017-2018, as well as baseball and softball again next year.
Online broadcasts of these games can be seen on

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