Fayette City Council holds Public Hearing, signs proclamation and welcomes guests

The City Council began their meeting, July 18, with a Public Hearing regarding an increase in sewer rates.  Guests in attendance asked what the increase would be used for, noting there had already been increases in water and sewer rates over the last year.  The guests asked what had been done with the money from the previous rate increases, because they could not see any changes or improvements.  The Council noted the new water treatment plant in service, as well as the upcoming sewer collection system project.
Jim Steele, along with Penny Brown and Debbie Miller, were present for the signing of the Proclamation for the Festival of the Arts, which will take place Saturday, Aug. 5.  More information is available in this edition of the Fayette Advertiser.
Dan Buckley, with Advanced Disposal, approached the Council regarding Advanced’s recent purchase of AAA Disposal.  Buckley pledged to honor the same agreement that the city had with AAA.  He provided his contact information and asked that if anyone had any issues or questions to please contact him.
Bill and Martha Skinner addressed the Council about a property on Oaklawn Avenue.  They noted that the “old Jackson house” in the 300 block of Oaklawn is in disrepair and needs to have action taken.
Leremie Shaffer, on behalf of the Fayette Main Street Organization, shared with the Council the plans for the ‘Crafts and Drafts’ event planned for August 19.  Fayette Main Street organization requested permission to close South Main Street from Morrison to Hackberry, and Morrison Street from Main to Hackberry.  Their intention is to draw attention to the downtown area without blocking traffic for downtown businesses.  The Council approved their plans.
Randy and Jocelyn Hutchinson and Dana Campbell brought to the Council the issue of the overgrown appearance of Fayette.  They noted the weeds at all entrances into Fayette, commenting that instead of being know as a ‘Tree City’, Fayette looks more like a ‘City of Weeds.’  Apparently weeds on Givens Road have grown so high they are obscuring a speed limit sign.  They requested the city address the situation.  In previous meetings, the city has spent much time on the issue of the boom mower used for most of this mowing.  The boom mower has been inoperable for several months and the city is looking for a replacement.
In discussion surrounding the city swimming pool and repairs, the issue of season pool passes was addressed.  After some discussion, the council decided to issue refunds for season passes.  Those who have purchased season passes will receive a 50 percent refund.  Individuals, businesses and organizations who donated money for passes will also receive a 50 percent refund.
The Eagle’s Eye Restaurant and Bar, which was briefly located on South Main Street, has closed that location and plans to open in the former 240 Culinary location south of Fayette.  Because their liquor license was never received from the state, The Eagle’s Eye requested a refund of their license fees paid to the city.  The Council agreed to refund the liquor license fees, but not the business license fee.
Other items covered by the Council during the July 1 meeting;
• new welcome signs up at entrances into town
• windows on west side of City Hall have been replaced
• personnel policies have been distributed to and signed off on by employees
• the surplus police car has been sold
• advertisements for bids will be placed to paint trim on City Hall
Fayette City Council will next meet Tuesday, Aug. 1, at 7 p.m.

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