Coyote Hill expanding

Coyote Hill Christian Children’s Home, a professional, yet traditional home environment for abused and neglected children, is partnering with the community to build a new 5,500 square foot home.
Building another home for abused and neglected children has been a community effort. On Saturday, Aug. 26th Coyote Hill will be joined by men and women around Columbia for a “Framing Day.” Framing is not only symbolic of building strong foundations, but is also a huge step forward in caring for more children. Currently there are over 300 children in foster care just in Boone County. On “Framing Day” the new home is one step closer to providing A Safe Place to Be a Child.
Founder and Executive Director, Larry McDaniel, shares his excitement over this news, “Daily we are turning away placement phone calls, because of the lack of space. The need to give sibling groups in foster care a safe place to live continues to grow in mid-Missouri. It will be a place for children to find refuge, while finding themselves. This is very rewarding, eternal work that we can all be a part of.”
For over 25 years Coyote Hill has been a home to hundreds of children. This will be the 5th home on the property. Each home provides up to 8 children daily with a safe and stable family environment because of Coyote Hill’s full-time, live-in Home Parents. Coyote Hill is the only licensed children’s home in the area providing the hybrid of traditional foster care and residential services.
Coyote Hill is located on 200 beautiful acres in Harrisburg. For over 25 years, Coyote Hill Christian Children’s Home has provided professional homes of love for abused and neglected children. These homes offer long-term, stable environments for children. Utilizing licensed, professional counseling and a loving, secure and safe home environment, Coyote Hill works to break the generational cycles of abuse and neglect and put in place cycles of success.

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