Mowing, sewer and theft topics of Fayette City Council

Fayette City Council further discussed the items voiced by guests at their July 18 meeting.
Mowing continues to be a big topic of the council meetings. The search for a boom mower has been a difficult one. Very few seem to be available unless brand new and very expensive. The council has mulled over foregoing a boom mower for a tractor and attachments, which would be more money, but could be used for more than one task and department.  The council wants residents to know they are not ignoring the situation and are trying to take action while at the same time being good stewards of residents’ tax dollars. They appreciate everyone’s patience.
Water and sewer plans and rates were discussed again. The process to camera sewer lines and review their status should begin in the next few weeks. Once the 65,000 feet of sewer lines have been reviewed, it will be determined what needs to be repaired or replaced. Repairs and replacement should begin in the spring. Partial funding for the work and upgrades has come from governmental grants.  One of the requirements of this grant is that the city raise sewer rates to a certain level, designated by the state, not the city. The project is lengthy, expensive, and sorely needed.
One of the city buildings was broken into recently. Two chainsaws were stolen with other items left near a rarely used exit left unlocked during the theft. The city is offering a $500 reward for anyone who has any information leading to the return of the chainsaws and arrest and conviction of those responsible.
It was noted that there is an increased accumulation of what appears to be rubbish on the southeast corner of the square. The council considers it an eyesore and wants the rubbish removed. Council members visited the corner in question after adjourning.

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