New Franklin discusses water usage in preparation for Santa Fe Trail Days

New Franklin City Council met Monday, Sept. 11, with water, trash, and computers as main topics  as they discussed preparations for Santa Fe Trail Days.
Barbara Maupin asked the council about the use of water for Santa Fe Trail Days.  Previously, the City has not charged for water usage for the event.  Since the change to Howard County Regional Water Commission, the City is charged for water.  The council voted to donate water usage for Santa Fe Trails Day, including the dunking booth.
Maupin also requested assistance from city employees with trash removal.  Previously, prisoners from Boonville have been brought over to help, but there was an issue with the request this year and Maupin cannot cover by herself.  Volunteers to assist with tear-down and clean-up after Santa Fe Trail Days is over would be appreciated.
The council approved the purchase of an EZ Valve for a shut-off from the former water plant.  The valve will cost approximately $8,000.  The alternative is the shut water off to the entire town and then set a three day boil order afterward.
Dan Buckley with Advanced Disposal followed up with the council regarding the change in trash services.  Buckley asked how the city felt services had been and if there were any issues.  A few items were shared which Buckley will address.  He proposed a change in pick-up days, moving to either Mondays or Wednesdays.  Recycling would then be picked up the same day as refuse.
Buckley and the council want to make sure all residents know that recycling needs to be in a clear or blue bag, otherwise Advanced Disposal staff think it is refuse and will treat it as such.
The council discussed a request from the Fire Protection District regarding filling their trucks with water.  Water and sewer service at the station has always been billed and the district pays for that service.  The District would like to be able to fill their trucks when needed without being charged.  The council agreed that the service the Fire Protection District provides is invaluable and they should be allowed to fill trucks.
Residents have expressed concern about a large hole on Court Street. City crews plan to patch.  Another request regarding streets was to take the loose cinders left from paving and apply them to Stagecoach Road.  The hope is they will not wash away as quickly and help stabilize the surface somewhat.  The council agreed this could be done.
New Franklin Police Chief Mike Wise reported the police department’s computers are so outdated they are having difficulty with daily duties.  The department has only one RSM terminal which is the system the department uses to place reports.  Chief Wise asked the city about upgrading these systems.  To cover the cost, Chief Wise says they will forgo the $3,000 that the department planned to use to purchase tasers.  The council approved the change in plans and the department will order the necessary equipment.
The next meeting of the New Franklin City Council will be Monday, Oct. 9 at 7 p.m. in City Hall.

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