Bitter cold weather brings in the New Year

Cold weather and dangerous wind chills greeted Howard County to start the New Year. Temperatures over the weekend reached -9 degrees Monday and Tuesday morning. Howard County was under a wind chill warning Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Wind chill temperatures of -15 to -20 degrees made outside activities unbearable. With temperatures below zero being out in cold weather like Mid-Missouri weather requires people to layer up.
To avoid catching hypothermia or other cold weather injuries, wearing the proper clothing will go a long way in keeping people warm. Layering up will provide better insulation and keep people from getting any cold weather injuries.
There were reports of broken water mains and pipes throughout central Missouri Monday.
Tuesday’s forecast high was to be near 18 degrees. Wind chill values were forecast to be between -2 and 8 degrees. Tuesday night’s forecast is to be around 11. Wind chill values will be between zero and 5 degrees. Wednesday’s high temperature is forecast to be 18 degrees. Wind chill values between zero and 5 degrees. Wednesday night’s forecast was around 1 degree. Wind chill between -2 and -7 degrees. Thursday is supposed to warm up to 16 degrees. Thursday night low temperatures will be around 4 degrees. Friday’s high temperature will be 21 degrees Friday night’s low will 7 degrees. A real warm up finally moves into the area this weekend as temperatures climb above freezing for the first time in two weeks. This increase in warmer temperatures will be accompanied by the first chance for rain for this area in a while. This rain will likely move into the area Sunday with a transition of rain to snow possible Sunday night into Monday morning as cooler air starts to make its way back into our area early next week. Saturday we break out of the freezing cold with a high of 33 degrees! Saturday’s low temperature will be around 27 degrees. Sunday’s forecast call’s for a high temperature of 45 degrees with a chance of rain.

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