Wright’s Oil buys fuel delivery business from Home Oil

Gary Bagby stands by his fuel truck last week. Gary and Don Bagby have sold the fuel delivery part of Home Oil’s business to Wright Oil Service of Salisbury.

With the new year comes new faces and a change in management for a part of a long-time Howard County business. Don and Gary Bagby of Home Oil Co. in Fayette announce the sale of the fuel delivery part of their business to Gene and Christy Wright of Wright’s Oil Service of Salisbury effective January 1, 2018.
Established by the late Tom Deatherage and Cale Parrish in 1927, Home Oil was acquired by Fay Bagby in 1964. In due time, he passed the business on to his sons. Through the years, Home Oil has faithfully served the fuel needs of people in the area through its’ service station in Fayette and fuel delivery service throughout the county. In addition to the original business, the agricultural and commercial fuel businesses of Standard Oil Co. owned by the late Johnny Mayer and that of Robert Wilhoit of Wilhoit Oil Co. were later added to the enterprise.
Wright’s Oil is a similar family owned operation. Founded by Gene’s father, Lowell Wright, in 1961, the company has supplied the fuel and oil needs of customers in North Central Missouri for generations. Formerly a Conoco distributor, they now handle the Sinclair line of fuels, a wide variety of motor oils, and racing fuels. In Fayette, their business will be conducted by Jeremy Bentley, son-in-law of Gene and Christy, who is an Armstrong native and Fayette High graduate well known in the community. Their office in Fayette is located at 590 Highway 240, just south of Central Missouri Transmission Service. They can be contacted by phone at 248-9989.
The Bagbys will continue to supply their customers with quality Sinclair fuels and oils as well as other automotive products and services at their service station on the Square in Fayette. They offer their best wishes to Wright’s Oil as they come to Howard County. Gary and Don give their heart-felt thanks to all their loyal customers and encourage them to continue their business with the Wrights.

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