Daly Elementary not a focus school

Meeting in regular session Wednesday the Fayette R-III Board of Education Daly Elementary Principal Cheri Huster shared with the Board that Daly Elementary is no longer identified as a focus school! A surprise assembly was held to make the announcement to the staff and students, and to celebrate. In 2012 Daly was identified as a focus school due to MAP scores and a discrepancy in the achievement from a super sub-group and the overall student academic achievement scores. The teachers and staff worked hard to increase the overall achievement of all students at Daly Elementary. Huster reported an enrollment of 66 in Preschool and 275 in K-5th grades.
The Board approved the following items: Set April 25 at 7 p.m. for the School Board Awards and the HS Academic Awards. Reorganization meeting of the board on Monday, April 16 at 6:30 p.m. The Board is required by law to meet before 14 days after an election of board members. MSBA 2018A Policy Updates to policies IGBD, IKF, JHD, and JHDF with no additional changes. MSBA Full Policy Maintenance Agreement renewal. The cost is $3,339 for the 2019 fiscal year. This is the same amount as last year.
Clark Middle School Principal Brent Doolin reported an enrollment of 133 for grades 6-8. Doolin shared that during the March 9 PD day the middle school staff took part in professional development in which the goal was to develop empathy for others, specifically those that have a reading or processing disorder that makes reading or writing difficult.
Fayette High School Principal Patrick Tray reported an enrollment of 173 in grades 9-12. On March 27 Michelle Stornello and Novy Foland took the senior English class, the Anatomy students and any junior and senior in Science Club on a field trip to the cadaver lab at the St. Louis University Medical School. Donations from Addison Labs, Inovatia Labs and The Lodge have helped make this trip possible.
Superintendent Tamara Kimball reported that Moberly Area Technical Center will increase the cost per student attending MATC from $1,950 to $2,000 per student per year. Kimball also announced that the Fayette High School Theater Department received $1,221.13 and the Broadcast News and Journalism Class received $1,442.88 in grant awards from the Fayette Area Community Trust.
Student Representatives, Clara Asher and Jessamin McSwain shared with the Board that the Fayette Falcon Pride Band is officially going to Washington D.C. Currently they will travel on school buses. The band is looking for funds and ways to lease shuttle or coach buses for the trip instead of school buses.

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