Fayette Aldermen approve PACE

Approval of the PACE program, bid acceptance and a shelter house were among items covered during the regular meeting of the Fayette City Council on Tuesday, March 20
The council welcomed the Friends of Historic Fayette Memorial Pool who asked for access to the pool on Wednesday, March 28 for an engineering assessment. The Friends were awarded a grant from the Fayette Area Community Trust to pay for the assessment. Approval was granted and the Friends noted they would share the results of the assessment with the city and Ad Hoc Committee.
An ordinance allowing the Show-Me PACE Program to operate within the city of Fayette was approved by the council. The PACE program provides alternative funding for energy efficient improvements to buildings.
A bid from AA Portable Toilets was approved by the council. Five portable toilets will be placed in city parks; two each at D.C. Rogers Lake and the City Park, and one at Ricketts Lake.
The council accepted a bid for the 1973 bucket truck which was just replaced. Bids ranged from $500 to $4,000.
An RFP (Request for Proposals) for trash service was discussed. The council took into consideration the possibility trash trucks may be causing damage to city streets.
The sewer cameraing is approximately two-thirds complete. Work continues to determine repairs or replacements needed. Once this work has been completed, the council will proceed with paving streets.
Public Works Director, Danny Dougherty, noted that a shelter house at D.C. Rogers Lake is in poor condition. He proposed taking the structure down and starting from scratch. Because this is heavily used, plans are to enlarge the structure from concrete up.
City Administrator, Robin Triplett, noted that a candidate for the Southwest Ward, Paden Squires, has chosen to withdraw his candidacy. Because ballots were already printed, his name will still appear.
The council will meet next on Tuesday, April 3 at 7 p.m.

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