Harper Announces Changes to April Polling Locations, Absentee Voting Begins

As in years past, the Howard County Clerk’s office is temporarily moving several polls due to a limited amount of issues and candidates and a low projected turnout. Only the city polls will be open: Fayette, Glasgow, New Franklin, and Armstrong. The rural polls at Baldridge, Grace Fellowship, Boonesboro, and Old Franklin will not be open in April.
“There are some hotly contested races on the city ballots, such as the Fayette Mayoral race,” stated Harper, “but the rural areas are expecting a lower turnout.” Voters who normally vote at a rural location will still be able to vote at a city polling center. Those who normally vote at the Old Franklin poll will vote in New Franklin. Those who normally vote at Baldridge will vote in Fayette. Those who normally vote at Grace Fellowship and Boonesboro will either vote in Fayette (Fayette School voters) or New Franklin (New Franklin School voters). Glasgow School District is not holding an election.
All voters who are experiencing a temporary change in polling location will be notified by mail. Harper expects the change in the number of polls used in the April election will save around $6,000. “With the small projected turnout, temporarily combining polls is a great way to cut costs,” stated Harper. Anyone who is unable to vote at their reassigned poll, may request an absentee ballot.
The deadline to send an absentee ballot by mail is Wednesday, March 28. However, voters who wish to vote at the Clerk’s Office may do so up until Election Day. The Clerk’s Office is open Monday through Friday at the Howard County Courthouse in Fayette, MO, from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm and the last Saturday before the election, March 31, from 8:00 am to Noon.
Voters who will be absent or unable to vote on Election Day may also vote by absentee ballot. Reasons for requesting an absentee ballot might include not being able to vote because of absence, illness, disability, being a caregiver for a disabled person, religious practice, or employment.
Anyone with questions or would like to request an absentee ballot by mail can contact the Clerk’s office at (660) 248-2284.

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