County hopes to bring Employment Assistance to those in need

A group of compassionate, forward thinking visionaries came together as a group, Tuesday, March 20 in the Howard County Commission chambers. Included in this meeting were representatives of the Missouri Job Center, Central Workforce Development Board, prosecuting attorney’s office, Central Missouri Community Action, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, as well as community volunteers and the county commissioners. This optimistic group met to discuss the future workforce of Howard County and how to assist those unemployed find meaningful, gainful employment.
Targeting, but not limited to, individuals in high school, drop-outs, those with basic skills deficiencies, English language learners, youths with disabilities, those pregnant or parenting, in Foster Care or aged out of Foster Care, homeless, runaway, low income, or previous offender, assistance is available. To many it would still seem to be a dream to have steady employment with manageable income. The Central Workforce Development Board (CWDB) provides free assistance to qualifying individuals ready to make a positive change in their lives.
The opportunities available through CWDB are available to anyone interested, not just those going through difficult circumstances. Many teens feel they have to go to college to have a chance at a future. For those not sure what they want to study in college, or that prefer working with their hands, the CWDB has opportunities for them. Providing career training and support through their Work Experience Program, Occupational Skills Training and Supportive Services, CWDB serves the central Missouri area working closely with the Missouri Job Center.
Participants in this program are provided opportunities to attend school and work, job shadowing, Summer Job League, on-the-job training, pre-apprenticeship and paid internships through the Work Experience Program. The Occupational Skills Training provides educational tuition assistance, post-secondary education preparation, in-demand job training, tutoring and study skills training, drop-out prevention and recovery and leadership development. Students in high school can receive help staying in school, or help preparing for college if that is their choice. For those choosing to move into the workforce, the Supportive Services provided by CWDB assist with clothing (uniforms), adult mentoring, childcare assistance, work and training related supplies, transportation assistance and counseling referrals.
Think of that youth in your neighborhood who, for one reason or another, is having difficulty moving toward a productive future. Maybe they are good at repairing things, like building or crafting structures, or want to go into healthcare… but have no resources to gain experience. The CWDB can help.
Presiding Commissioner, Sam Stroupe, brought this group of individuals together recognizing the opportunities this could provide for Howard County. Representatives from CWDB will be reaching out to area schools and agencies to make their presence known. Because CWDB funds the needs of participants there is no funding left for promoting themselves. This group will continue to meet, hoping to reach more of Howard County. Be sure to keep an eye out for more information, ways to get someone started and how you can help.

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