Espenschied Announces Candidacy for Clerk

Hello, my name is Ruthie Espenschied. I am a lifelong resident of Howard County and the daughter of the late Harvey “Snooks” and Iona “Dolly” Campbell. I have been married to my husband Ricky for 37 years; we have two boys Logan (Jenny) and Trevor “Bubba” (Victoria), and one daughter Brandy (Eric) Lembke. We also have five amazing grandchildren; Koda, Bailey, Dillon, Nicholas and Leah. Ricky worked for the Glasgow Co-op for 22 years until going to work for the University of Missouri for the past 18 years. Ricky and I both operate successful small businesses out of our home. As with any business, the owner must create budgets and maintain inventory and records of all her spending, profits and losses, and taxes that are filed quarterly or yearly.
I love Howard County and could never see myself living or working any place other than here. I started my work career out at Keller Memorial Hospital, working in the business office, doing cash receipts, balancing charges and accounts daily, monthly and yearly, and providing customer service. After the closing of the hospital, I went to work for Howard County Ambulance. Here I filed insurance claims; prepared yearly information for auditors, payroll, and taxed; and maintained patient information. I later added the duty of EMT to this job. This was a job that only increased the compassion and love that I have for this community. However, it was also a downfall as this role takes a toll on you when you have to see patient’s families who are suffering due to loss of a loved one.
After that I worked 10 years at Fayette School District (2007-2017). I worked as a classroom para with students with special needs. I also worked a year in NTL (nontraditional learning). During my time I served in all the classes assisting students with learning note taking skills, how to balance their checking account, how to make a budget, and how to study and prepare for a test. I also drove a morning and afternoon bus route, which I am still currently doing. I enjoy being with the kids – the future of Howard County – and meeting new parents who move in that I may not ever had gotten to know.
Along with my bus route, I currently work at Fayette Housing Authority as the office Clerk. Here I am responsible for calculating tenants’ yearly rent and processing that to HUD. Other tasks include the collection of rent, issuing letters, processing payroll, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. I have also been training on yearly budget plans and 5-year plans for use of the Housing’s Capital funds.
Kathyrne Harper has worked diligently in getting the County Clerk’s office back in shape, and I feel that my desire for detail had being unafraid to seek out answers to question s will continue to keep the Howard County Clerk’s office on the right track. I feel that my communication skills and the many job strengths I have acquired from past employers will ensure my success in this position. I look forward to serving the people of Howard County.
I appreciate your vote in November for Howard County Clerk.

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