Fayette Passes PACE Ordinance, prepares pool for opening

The Fayette City Council met in regular session Tuesday, May 1 at 7 p.m. Guest Cathy Thogmorton approached the council seeking assistance with the Fourth of July celebration in Fayette. Cathy volunteered to take over the task of planning the celebration. She is asking permission for a beer garden in the park. She will be speaking with local restaurants and will come back to the council at their request. Cathy will hold a meeting May 10 at 7:00 at the Thogmorton Center Room 202.for those interested in assisting with the Fayette Independence Day celebration.
An ordinance allowing participation in the Show-Me-PACE program was once again passed by the council. Mayor Greg Stidham signed the ordinance during session.
Don Jenkins addressed the council explaining the scoping of the sewer system is complete, and was completed at a cost reduction of $49,000. VisuSewer will create a plan for repairs as soon as possible.
Bids for solid waste collection and disposal were reviewed. Advanced Disposal came in with the lowest bid and was awarded the contract for the next three years. Dan Buckle with Advanced offered for the company to provide bins for Fayette residential customers.
Kiersten O’Dell was at the meeting at the request of the council. They would like to make some additions and changes to the city’s website. After some brief discussion, it was decided the council would bring their ideas and preferences to the next meeting to decide what they would like from O’Dell.
The city pool is 99% finished with painting and plans are to open on time, Memorial Day Weekend. They anticipate no issues at this time. Lifeguards are receiving training. Mayor Stidham requested daily water meter reading to stay on top of any potential issues.
Following old and new business, City Representatives went around the table and shared a little about themselves, what their goals were for the city and what they would like to accomplish. Common goals included public safety, improving the downtown area and website, bringing businesses to town, improving communication and relationships between city government and residents and making the city itself more appealing. Also mentioned were street improvements, economic development, development of the spec building and historic preservation.
Mayor Stidham encouraged each alderman to be an advocate for the citizens in their ward, keeping an eye out for potential issues and property becoming derelict. At the same time, he recommended council members keep their properties neat and tidy as an example to their ward.
The next meeting of the Fayette City Council will be Tuesday, May 15 at 7 p.m. at City Hall. The meeting is open to the public.

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