Fayette Aldermen discuss Neighborhood Watch, Fire Truck, Historic Preservation

Several residents and guests were in attendance when the Fayette City Council met in regular session Tuesday, June 5. At the top of the meeting, Mayor Greg Stidham signed a proclamation naming June 15 – 17 as Fayette’s 18th Annual Juneteenth. (see photo on page 6)
Leremie and Elizabeth Shaffer appeared before the board to request a “Liquor by the Drink” license. The Shaffer’s have recently purchased Miknan’s Main Street on the square. During discussion later in the meeting, this request was approved.
Chris Baylor, Fayette Fire Chief, approached to board to follow up on the possible purchase of a new ladder truck. The department/city has the opportunity to purchase a new ladder truck at the price of a demo model. This truck would be fitted specifically for this department. Currently, Fayette’s only ladder truck is more than 30 years old and by state standards is too old to safely be considered as a primary ladder truck.
Councilman Anthony Shiflett pointed out that Fayette is due for an ISO (Insurance Services Offices) inspection. (An ISO rating is used in determining insurance rates for properties within a department or district.) ISO inspections are done once every five years. Shiflett noted if the inspection is done before Fayette has an approved ladder truck, the ISO will drop and stay at that level for five years.
The council will review pricing from other manufacturers and financing options at the next meeting.
Kylar Broadus praised the police department for their vigilance in his neighborhood and their response to calls. He noted there were still several problems ranging from overgrown yards; to vacant, derelict properties; drug dealing and outdoor defecation in view from a daycare center. The idea of a neighborhood watch was discussed and Police Chief Jeff Oswald said it would be looked into. Police will continue to keep an eye on the area.
Pam Hutsell and Ann Schnell approached the council representing the Friends of the Historic Fayette Memorial Pool to discuss appointments to the Historic Preservation Commission. Proposed members for the commission include Pam Hutsell, Daryl Ridgwell, Brad Dudenhoffer, Susan Donnelly, Pat Roll and Joey Smith. Grafton Cook will be the city council representative. Hutsell and Schnell expressed concerns with the proposed commission. Concerns centered around the addition of Roll to the commission. They feel he has been condescending to the Friends of the Pool and the council and is leading a campaign against preservation of the pool. Mike Stornello was suggested as an alternative, citing the recommended requirements from the State Historical guidelines and his past experience on the commission. Hutsell shared the guidelines recommend members have experience in at least one of the following areas; architecture, art, banking, construction, economics, engineering, historic preservation, law and real estate. The council will take the concerns into consideration before making their final decision.
Also discussed were;
– overgrown trees blocking visibility at intersections
– proposed swimming areas at D.C. Rogers Lake
– proposed members for Planning and Zoning Commission; Bobby Robb and Joey Smith
– a Request for Proposal for the city website.
The next city council meeting will be Tuesday, June 19 at 7 p.m.

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