New Franklin finds old water lines active

Water was the main topic at the June regular meeting of the New Franklin City Council, Monday.
City staff has been working to locate damaged lines. In doing so, they have uncovered other issues. Water lines which were believed to be shut off from service in 1998 have found to be live. Some are providing service when believed to be shut off when work was done across town twenty years ago. Staff has even found an un-labeled valve with no line attached. Work is being done to correct.
Staff also noted that there was a problem with the sewer pump not shutting off. It is believed the issue was a communications wire and has hopefully been corrected.
The hot weather is creating another situation needing attention. The building housing the electronics equipment which regulates wastewater controls is getting extremely warm. The electronics are operable in temperatures in the high 80’s to mid 90’s, however the building temperature is climbing higher than that. An exhaust vent is in place, and the addition of a window-unit air conditioner was discussed. This option will be tried for temperature regulation.
In other business the city agreed to sell the city car, taking sealed bids until July 9, and erect “Children at Play” signs for safety.
The police department is still waiting to hear about a radio grant. They hope to hear by July 1. The department is now on their own radio frequency and reports “great service.”
New Franklin Police remind residents if they see anyone or anything suspicious or out of place, please contact them as soon as possible.
The New Franklin City Council will meet next on Monday, July 9 at 7 p.m. at City Hall.

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