Fayette R-III approves fiscal year 2018-19 preliminary budget

Meeting regular session Wednesday June 20 the Fayette R-III Board of Education approved the preliminary fiscal year 2019 budget. The final budget will be presented in September after the August election and the outcome of the levy issue is known and after the August tax rate hearing. The 2018-19 budget projects $6,120,570 in revenue and $6,021,389 in expenses. The District 2017-18 expenses will total $6,079,744 with revenue of $6,017,696. The Board also approved the fiscal year 2017-18 budget amendment to actual. This allows the Annual Secretary of the Board Report (ASBR) to be completed as required as soon after the year ends on June 30.
The Board approved meal prices for the coming year. Students breakfast and lunch prices will increase 25 cents. The cost of breakfast for students will be $2 with lunch costing $2.50. Adult prices will increase 50 cents to $2.50 for breakfast and $3.50 for lunch.
The Board also gave approval to making surplus 40 rubber mats from the weight room. Westminster College has shown interest in buying them.
Daly Elementary Principal Cheri Huster reported year end attendance at 270 Elementary students. Pre-K attendance was 61 students. Huster reported that 96% of DES students were in attendance 90% of the time this school year. This is up from 94% in 2017. Daly Elementary achiever their attendance goal for the year.
Clark Middle School Principal Brent Doolin reported that 88.8% of students were in attendance 90% for the month of May. Doolin noted that 85.8% of CMS students were in attendance 90% of the time.
High School Principal Patrick Tray made a detailed report on high school attendance. Tray said,“The State of Missouri grades schools on many factors. One of them is attendance. To be perfect, 90% of our students must be in school 90% of the time. The State does not make any concessions for what we might call excused absences. If a student is not in school, they are not at school. In the past, Fayette has counted excused absences differently from unexcused. There is still a difference as far as being able to make up work. However, there is no longer a difference when it comes to counting maximum number of days. This makes us consistent with DESE, as well as the vast majority of schools in the state.”
Tray continued,”This school year the high school had 198 total students enrolled at one time or another. 44 of those students had less than 90% attendance. That means 22.22% were not here 90% of the time, and 77.78% were. However, not all students were enrolled the entire year. When the state grades us, students that were not here all year get pro-rated. A student only enrolled one semester is counted as ½ of a student. A student enrolled 17 days is 1/10 of a student, etc. 21 of the 44 students < 90% were not enrolled in FHS for 169 days. When we adjust for this, our percentage of attendance increases to 83.7% were here at least 90% of the time. The most frustrating aspect of this is how many students were close to 90%. 15 of them were in the 88– 89.99% range. (The State doesn’t round.) Six of them were so close the percentage report rounded them up to 90%. Getting those kids over the hump would be enough to get us in the 90/90 club.”
Tray concluded by saying,” We are hoping that by counting absences the same way the state does, students will be present more frequently. Students learn best when they’re in attendance.”
This year FHS tried something new with a High School Registration Day. The Dsitrict thought it worked so well they are bringing it back next year. It will be split up over two days to help catch more parents. FHS registration will be the afternoon of Monday, August 6, from noon to 3:00 and again the following morning from 9:00 to noon.
Superintendent Tamara Kimball reported that the District had a successful experiment with Freshman Boot Camp. Kimball said,” we will have a repeat performance in August. Boot Camp will be Tuesday, August 14 from 9:00 – 2:00. The evening before will be a freshman orientation for students and their parents at 6:00. It will be held right before “Meet the Falcons” on the same night.”

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