Addisons Purchase Fayette Paper

Incoming Editor Justin Addison, right, with outgoing Publisher Pat Roll

The Fayette Advertiser is under new ownership. Justin and Dr. Sonya Addison took over as publishers Friday from Pat and Ruth Roll.
Mr. Roll has published the newspaper since February 2011.
Mr. Addison served as Sports Editor for The Fayette Advertiser and The Democrat-Leader from 2002 to 2009 before leaving to run a retail business in Columbia for nearly nine years. He will serve as Editor and Publisher of The Fayette Advertiser.
“Leaving Fayette and the newspaper business provided great perspective,” Mr. Addison said. “It wasn’t long before I knew I was ready to return in an ownership capacity.”
A 1995 graduate of Fayette High School, Mr. Addison also attended Central Methodist College (now University). It was there he met Sonya Nemyer, from Fairfax, Missouri. The couple wed in June of 2000.
Dr. Addison graduated Pre-Med from Central Methodist and attended medical school at the University of Missouri in Columbia, where she also completed a residency in Internal Medicine and a fellowship in Endocrinology.
She currently practices Endocrinology in Columbia.
The couple has two young sons, Jake and Alex.
Previous to Mr. Roll’s tenure as publisher of The Fayette Advertiser, he spent more than 18 years in the newspaper business throughout Nebraska and Iowa.
Roll holds a bachelor of science degree in social science from Peru State College in Peru, Nebraska.
He has agreed to stay on as an advisor during the transition.
The newspaper office will remain at its current address at 203 N. Main, just off the Fayette square. Archival bound volumes still housed in the office date back to 1899, although the oldest years are too delicate to handle.
The Fayette Advertiser is believed to be the second oldest weekly newspaper west of the Mississippi. It began September 3, 1840 in Glasgow, Missouri, as the Howard County Banner. The name of its first editor has been lost to history. However, it is known that in 1853, W. B. Twombly sold the paper to R. C. Hancock who later moved it to Fayette. In 1860, it was sold to Isaac Houck. It was in either 1861 or 1865 that the name was changed to the Howard County Advertiser.
The paper officially became the Fayette Advertiser on Dec. 20, 1916.
Mr. Addison is only the third Fayette native to own the Advertiser. The first was General John B. Clark, who in 1865 bought a half interest in the paper. Ten months later he bought the other half.
Another Fayette native would not own the newspaper until H. Denny Davis purchased it from John Hert in 1984.
Davis, a long-respected career newspaperman, served more than 20 years as a foreign correspondent for United Press International and later acted as a regional executive. He returned to Fayette in 1978, and six years later purchased the Advertiser. He ran the paper until his retirement in 2000.
Davis was inducted into the Missouri Press Association Hall of Fame in 2005.
It was in 2000 that Central alumnus James H. Steele purchased the Advertiser from Davis.
Steele also served as news bureau director at Central Methodist in the early 1970s.
It was Steele who moved the newspaper to its current office at 203 N. Main. He continues to occupy an office in the building and acts as editor emeritus.
EDITOR’S NOTE: Much of this historical information was compiled by editor H. Denny Davis in 1990 when the newspaper celebrated its 150th year.

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