Success becoming a tradition at Fayette ATA Karate Elite

Since opening in July 2013, ATA Karate Elite of Fayette has consistently produced champions at both the state and district levels.
ATA Karate Elite is a taekwondo school located in downtown Fayette. It’s owned an operated by Jason Jones.
Jones opened the school in 2013, after his parents were involved in a fatal motorcycle accident.
“The money they left in their passing was what opened my school,” Jones said. “I wanted to take the money and do something positive with it in light of a horrific event. I felt they would want me to help others become better versions of themselves, and being a veteran like my father, I have always felt urge to help people.”
Since 2014, he and his students have represented the school at the state level and beyond.
Jones and William Parr both were district champions this year. They competed in a field consisting of competitors from Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota. Jones was a champion in traditional weapons, while Parr was a district champion in creative weapons.
Jones went on to the Tournament of Champions World Championships Qualifier. He finished in fifth place. He did the same in 2016. Jones qualified for the Tournament of Champions World Championships Qualifier in 2017, but was not able to go.
Parr was a state champion in 2017 in three different events: traditional weapons forms, creative weapons forms and Xtreme Martial Arts weapons forms. Amythyst Heberlein was a state champion and district champion in Xtreme Martial Arts forms in 2017.
Parr was a state and district champion again in 2016. He won state and district championships in Xtreme Martial Arts weapons forms and traditional weapons forms, and was a state champion in creative weapons forms. He won state championships in creative open hand forms and creative weapon forms in 2015, and won a state championship in open hand forms in 2014.
Jordan Thiessen was a state and district champion in traditional forms in 2014. The district championship included competitors from Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska.

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