New Franklin aldermen hear proposals for signs, trash rates

The city of New Franklin Board of Aldermen met in regular session, Monday, Jan. 14. Mayor Jerry Thornton was absent and Mayor Pro-tem Mike McGee ran the meeting. There was no old business for discussion.

New Franklin Schools Superintendent, Brian Cordell, was welcomed by the council. Cordell was in attendance to discuss new signage at the school, designating a school zone for motorists. There has been growing concern among school staff about inattentive drivers coming in from the highway. The issue is primarily just before school begins and just after dismissal. New Franklin Police Chief Mike Wise has been parking his patrol vehicle at the car wash, with lights flashing, when he is available. This seems to help alert motorists. Because Wise is not always available the school is considering signage with two flashing yellow lights, one facing each direction. 

Cordell contacted the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) to request signage. Representatives at MoDOT informed Cordell they do not provide signage in this type of situation. Any signage would need to be at the expense of the city or the school. Grants are sometimes available for such projects, however there are not any at this time. Cordell asked the council if they would consider purchasing the signs or at least sharing the cost with the school district and purchasing one sign. The New Franklin School Board is still reviewing the proposed project. The council will review the request at its next meeting.

Dan Buckley with Advanced Disposal approached the council to discuss renewing the refuse contract with the city. Most things will stay the same, with the exception of an increase of $0.35 per household, he said. The council will review the proposal at a later date.

Police Chief Wise reported that during the recent winter storm the police department worked to stay ahead of problems by checking for downed power lines and tree branches in roadways. Wise and the department worked closely with the Public Works department, locating and removing downed branches.

The next meeting of the New Franklin City Council will be Monday, Feb. 11 at 7 p.m. at city hall.

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