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To the editor: 

In answer to your question in the May 8, 2019 edition of The Fayette Advertiser, …”should state politicians be allowed to override the will of the people in Howard and other counties?”

The answer is a resounding NO, state politicians should not be allowed to override the will and vote of the people they represent. This is about local control and the right to protect ourselves locally. We do not need politicians in Jefferson City taking away our individual rights and telling us what to do. We definitely do not need lobbyists representing us and speaking for us no matter if we live in urban or rural areas.  That is why we have local elections.

Cindy Bowen


To the editor: 

The will of the people should not be overturned by the state. The people of Howard county voted to put a health ordinance in place and now the state wants to override it.  This is not democracy.  If our votes count for nothing then why should we bother? We need local control. Our senators and representatives are being bought by corporations.  The majority of people in Howard county do not want CAFO’s. We have spoken by our votes. The state of Missouri should never take away the will of the people.  

Janice and Pete Neal

Rural Howard County

To the editor: 

I want to thank our Howard County Commissioners for listening to the people and putting in place our health ordinance before the state started trying to take away counties’ rights. Because the Howard County health ordinance is already in place, it should be protected, regardless if Senate Bill 391 passes. I do want to voice my opposition to this bill 391. State politicians should never be allowed to override local control or the will of the people in any Missouri county when it comes to taking action to protect the health of its people.  

Thank You, 

Becky Feaster

To the editor: 

It is outrageous that our elected representatives are supporting the interests of out of state and foreign CAFO owners over the expressed interest of the people who elected them.  Howard County voters passed our Health Ordinance by a wide margin.  Who are these people in Jeff City working for?

 Joe Hardy, Fayette


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