Fayette schools hope to add in-town bus stops

The Fayette school district began exploring ways to once again pick up students for school who live inside the Fayette city limits. Assistant superintendent Brent Doolin is spearheading the effort.

The district currently has about 100 open seats on its busses, which could be open to students living in town. While in-town routes would not be reinstated, the plan is to add stops in town to current routes. Doolin emailed surveys to families with students who live in town to gauge interest riding the bus to school. If fewer than 100 students declare intent to ride, transportation for in-town students may be revived.

Doolin said he has identified seven locations for picking up and dropping off students, and is working with families to further refine bus stops. He told reported to the Board of Education during its regular meeting October 16 that so far 53 students had shown interest. He is also taking further steps to reach out to known families without email.

“I’m very hopeful we’ll be able to stay under that 100 mark that we talked about and that we’ll be able to add these to the routes,” Doolin said.

The district ceased picking up students who live in town as a cost-saving measure in 2011. Since then, the matter has been a point of contention among those families that live inside the city limits. Attempts to revive the routes in 2013 and again in 2017 ultimately failed.

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